Things to Remember When Hiring a Professional Moving Company

One of the most important decision you need to make, especially when you are planning to move to a different place to live is the moving company you could hire to do packing. Every year, there are thousands of complains that this type of companies receives due to lost belongings, long time delivery of things and many other reasons. Perhaps the companies chosen by these complainants aren’t reputable in the field or perhaps they never bothered to think the decision over. You don’t want that to happen to you.

Professional Moving Company

This is precisely the reason why here are some of the things you need to consider when planning to hire a professional moving company. Remember, you’re putting your personal belongings and things of value in the hands of these companies thus, it is just right to make the decision as rational as possible.

1. Referrals

The first thing you need to look for in a professional moving company is the referrals. Do you know somebody who had the services of that particular company? Were they satisfied with the service? Were their things delivered safely? These questions could only be answered by people who had the experience of working with that particular company. If all of their answers with the questions are positive, then you move to the second important matter to think over.

2. Rule of Thirds

Options are everything. That is, you should not settle on a single company which you asked about. Know more about the other companies that offer the same kind of service. This will not only give you the chance to contrast the cost you are about to spend, but you would also know who among these companies have the best reputation in moving things. Again, you have to remember that the company you are going to choose is going to deal with your things, the best should always be the one chosen.

3. Watch Out for Fake Companies

You have to keep an eye for companies who are faking their estimates. That is, most moving companies that are reputable in the industry don’t necessarily as for cash deposits especially before the moving process. If the company you are currently talking to seems to be very hungry with the money that you are about to pay, it might not be a legal business. Moreover, when companies do estimates, you have to check the kind of professionalism these companies have. If they are unsure with their services, show up late or seem to roll in the bush especially when you ask questions, be careful with that company. Lastly, be vigilant especially when the mover only rents vans to transfer your things. A good company always has its own moving vehicle as well as the right equipment to do the job.

4. License and Insurance

This is particularly important. You don’t want to spend more with the damaged and scratched items you have especially in the duration of the moving process. This is precisely the reason why you need to make sure that the company you are about to hire has the necessary insurances that ensure the safety of your things and if worse comes to worst, your things will be damaged, then make sure the insurance pay for it. Furthermore, business license is also an important factor to consider especially when you want to know if the company you are dealing with is a legitimate one.

5. Check online with Better Business Bureau

Most professional moving companies have track records on BBB which you could check online for free. BBB accreditation is a good indication that the company you are hiring is not only a legit one but also a good choice. If the company you seek isn’t listed on BBB, the smartest thing to do is to look for one that is.

6. Address

A legit business will always have to offer you a business card where details such as email address, website, and physical addresses are written. You have to be certain that the company’s address written on the business card is legit and under that company’s name and patronage. Never trust a business listed under a residential address.

Choosing Moving Companies Asheville NC is a hard decision but with the right factors to consider and with the utmost patience, hiring a good company will happen in no time.


Why Professional Moving Companies are Beneficial

When life gets tough and you have to move out from the place where you are living in order to pursue a greener pasture, one thing that you would probably be needing is to hire a reputable and expert moving company.

Professional Moving Companies

Having to decide what company to hire is one of the toughest decisions, aside from the fact that you have decided to give up an aspect in your life in order to move into somewhere better. Hiring professional movers is one way to ensure the safety of your personal belongings that it would arrive to the place where you are intending to live unscratched and at ease.

More to this benefit, there are other positive things that you could get out of hiring a professional mover. Listed below are some of these benefits:

1. Boxes

When you hire professionals, you won’t need to look for and purchase packing boxes to store your belongings into. That is, professional movers usually come into your house and pack the things you’d want them to. Moreover, these professionals know the value of these things to you as an owner this is why they are going to take full responsibility on properly looking after your things especially if these are of high value such as antiques, paintings and the like.

2. Relieves Stress

Packing your bags and moving to somewhere new is already a very big stressor. Add up the other things you need to carry with you on your journey to who-knows-where. Saying goodbye to the placed that was once dear to you is another. This is precisely the reason why when you don’t want additional stress to all the packings and goodbyes, professional movers are going to help you doing so.

3. Time Efficient

There are times when you leave your place of residence without prior notice because 1. You haven’t paid rent for quite some time or 2. some unfortunate thing happened to one of your family members and you need to vacate the area as soon as possible. If you don’t have time to pack all the things up by yourself, professional movers are going to help you deal with time. It may be an additional cost to pay someone just to pack and deliver your things away but it will always be worth it especially when you are leaving in short notice.

4. Store Items

There are sometimes that your new place to live isn’t that ready yet to welcome you and your things. This is a big problem especially when you don’t have anywhere to store your things. good thing that movers often offer services that necessarily store your things safely. As soon as your new house is ready, you are also going to withdraw your things in no time.

5. Moving Materials

Hiring a professional mover means that you don’t have to purchase some things to help you pack and move such as boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and the likes. The moving company will have to do it for you. Moreover, you will not get to worry about the spare packing and moving materials that you will have to leave behind because anyway, the movers are going to take these with them.

6. Safety

Sometimes, when your mind is preoccupied with the fact that you are moving somewhere new and that you may not be ready for it, unnecessary and unfortunate things happen to you because you are not focused. When packing some big jars or some chandeliers on the ceiling, your unfocused mind will bring you to danger especially when you have to climb ladders or roofs to pack some things you need to bring in your new house. Professional moving companies will have to deal with all of these preoccupations. Moreover, since they have the necessary equipment and experience for the job, accidents and any other unfortunate events is less likely to happen.

7. Travel Light

Travelling while carrying tons of things behind your back could be a very big hassle. You can’t relax because your mind is always on the valuables you are bringing, add up your children and other family members. All of these things could happen especially when you don’t hire someone to let your things travel and be delivered to the new place where you are intended to live. Professional movers will have to ease your pain by bringing and delivering those heavy things for you instead of bringing them together in your travel. You need to travel light not only for travelling’s sake but also to enjoy your experience while travelling. This is only possible when you hire a good moving company.

Professional moving companies are big help especially when you don’t want to add up more to the negative vibes that saying goodbye brings. With the right attitude and the correct decision in choosing the professional moving company to hire, all of these will be lessened.